Landscape Assurance

Tackling sustainability at scale

As the rates of climate change, deforestation and biodiversity loss continue to increase, the urgency to address these sustainability challenges grows.  In recent years, landscape and jurisdictional approaches have become an increasingly popular response to these challenges.

The idea is a compelling one. Rather than looking at individual sites, suppliers or sectors, these approaches recognize that issues like deforestation, habitat conversion, land rights and rural development are often best addressed at a larger scale – across whole landscapes or jurisdictions. Bringing together all stakeholders – producers, sourcing companies, governments, civil society, NGOs, and investors – to work towards common goals has the potential to drive large-scale, lasting improvements.

Credible assurance and claims

But if landscape approaches are to be more than just the latest sustainability buzzword, then they need to be able to demonstrate that they are delivering on the environmental and social issues that matter. In other words, they need a credible assurance system – a robust, transparent and impartial means to monitor, verify and communicate progress. 

Our work supports a shared understanding of how best to measure progress and to create incentives that will drive real change on the ground, drawing from the rich experience of sustainability standards. Rather than starting from scratch, we are supporting existing landscape initiatives and those sustainability standards that are seeking to adapt their models to better contribute to these landscape-scale solutions.

Our work will help:

  • Landscape and jurisdictional initiatives to measure and communicate progress on key sustainability issues;
  • Landscape standards and frameworks to credibly assure progress; and
  • Sourcing companies to make credible claims about responsible sourcing from these landscapes.

We have collaborated with WWF to produce a discussion paper that frames some of the challenges and solutions around landscape assurance and claims.

  • Download the 2019 discussion paper through the links on the right
  • Download the original 2016 research paper on standards contribution to landscape approaches on the right 
  • Watch our webinar Sustainable landscapes: what do credible assurance and claims look like? below
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