How to join

To become an ISEAL member, you need to:

  • Download, read and understand the application documents
  • Contact our Membership & Services team to let them know you want to join and discuss what support they can provide
  • Complete a full membership application and arrange payment of the membership application fee
  • Progress through a secretariat evaluation, a member comment period, and approval from the ISEAL membership committee and board
  • Commit to working towards full code compliance and full membership

The pathway in practice

Every standards system is different, but here’s a typical pathway to ISEAL membership:

  • Become a subscriber: join the ISEAL community to access resources and networking opportunities
  • Contact the ISEAL Membership & Services Team: we encourage all organisations to engage with us throughout the pathway to membership
  • Do a self-assessment: our code compliance checklists will help you identify areas of your system that may need improvement
  • Get support: ISEAL’s experts run public training workshops and tailored services to help you prepare for membership
  • Complete and submit your application when you’re ready