Webinar | Exploring options for measurement and analysis of living income levels and income gaps: a case study of Madhya Pradesh cotton farmers

Public webinar: Actual income measurement to estimate living income gaps is still a challenging exercise due to its complexity and contextual nature. ISEAL has worked in recent months on a pilot study to assess the living income gap for target cotton households from Madhya Pradesh. The project included exploring options for actual income measurement as well as understanding options that exist for establishing, or approximating, living income benchmarks. Throughout the process, great learning has been drawn on how to conceptualise and execute living income gap frameworks.

In parallel, The Living Income Community of Practice (LICoP) has recently published guidance on calculating and visualising the income gap to a living income benchmark. Results from the study have been the subject of testing of the guidance being developed and have given interesting results and learnings that will be presented during the webinar.

This webinar aims to step by step explore options to help you in the process of building your living income approach, drawing from practical learnings and use cases.