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Credibility in Claims and Labelling
Sustainability labels on products act as filters, helping us identify sustainable products and giving us information on how a product was produced. But not all standards use a label. Many of them use a written message or claim. This brief video shows you how these claims and labels need to be truthful and have language that tells us what has actually been achieved.
ISEAL Guidance: Chain of custody models and definitions
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This guidance developed by ISEAL on Chain of Custody (CoC) System is a reference document for sustainability standards systems that complements ISEAL’s Sustainability Claims Good Practice Guide.
Research webinar 19: Lessons learned from socio-environmental certification for agriculture in Brazil
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Research webinar with Luis Fernando Guedes Pinto from Imaflora on lessons learned from socio-environmental certification for agriculture in Brazil. This webinar held on 28th September 2017 presented the learnings of 20 years of development and implementation of standard and certification systems in Brazilian agriculture. It will summarize several studies, reports and institutional learnings of Imaflora regarding continuous improvement, traceability, the role of certification to legal compliance, the economic dimension of implementing standards. It will address the strengths and weakness of standards in contributing to the implementation of sustainability in agriculture, how it connects to other governance interventions and speculate about its future. Due to technical difficulties we are unable to share the webinar recording but you can find the slides here.