Webinar: Sustainability standards, deforestation, and biodiversity – what we know and what we are doing to know more

Understanding whether sustainability standards make a difference on the ground is an ongoing concern for sustainability standards and for the many businesses and governments that rely on them to operationalize sustainability in supply chains and landscapes. Working from the September 2018 report Conservation Impacts of Voluntary Sustainability Standards, this webinar will present an up to date picture of the state of rigorous research about impacts of standards in agriculture, forestry, marine fisheries, and aquaculture on deforestation, biodiversity, and other conservation related outcomes. 

We will also examine actions that researchers and standard systems are taking to make more information about the contribution of standards to conservation outcomes available in the future. Join us in this webinar, where ISEAL's Director of Impacts Kristin Komives, representatives from RSPO will take us through the research results and discuss innovations and trends in measurement and data collection related to conservation.