Healthcare access: a tool to reduce the income gap

[Public Event] A living income reflects the ability of a household to afford a decent standard of living. This includes food, water, housing, education, healthcare, transport, clothing, savings and funds for unexpected events. But what happens when one of these essential needs is not available or comes at a particularly high cost? For many smallholder farmers, lack of access to affordable healthcare is a persistent problem. In this webinar, the Living Income Community of Practice welcomes healthcare organisation Elucid and speciality cocoa company Max Felchlin AG to explore how healthcare protection for smallholders can help reach livelihood and living income goals.


  • Kaitlin Sampson Murphy, Program Manager, Sustainable Food Lab


  • Julius Emmrich, Co-founder - Elucid GmbH
  • Louisa Truss, Partnerships & Implementation - Elucid GmbH
  • Moritz Runge, CFO - Max Felchlin AG