Introducing the second draft of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice | Consultation launch webinar

The ISEAL Code of Good Practice revises and integrates the ISEAL Impacts, Standard-Setting, and Assurance Codes of Good Practice, and enables a holistic view on system credibility. Following a consultation on the first draft in 2022, we are now bringing an updated version to consultation. To kick-off the launch of the public consultation on this version, this webinar will reflect on the development process so far and how this has informed the second draft. We will highlight the key changes and the range of ways you can participate in the consultation, which will run from 31 May to 30 July 2023.

This is a public webinar for all stakeholders, and no prior knowledge of the Code or Code consultation is needed. Find out more about the aims of the Code revision and integration.

We encourage ISEAL Community Members to participate in the Community Member event (log-in required) on 1 June.