Monetary and non-monetary poverty measures from a living income perspective

[Public Event] Join the Living Income Community of Practice for a webinar to discuss the added value of complementing a living income approach with non-monetary perspectives. Researcher and evaluation consultant Dr. Johannes von Engelhardt will share his analysis of the relationships between non-monetary measures such as the Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) and the monetary measure of living income. Pavithra Ram, Tony’s Chocolonely’s ‘Impact Navigator’, will join to share insights on how the MPI has enriched the company’s approach to improve farmers’ incomes and standard of living.


  • Molly Leavens, Program Manager, Sustainable Food Lab
  • Carla Rodriguez, Coordinator Impacts and Innovations, ISEAL 


  • Johannes von Engelhardt, Ph.D. Researcher and evaluation consultant
  • Pavithra Ram, Impact Navigator Tony’s Chocolonely

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