True Price and Living Income

[Public event] The Living Income Community of Practice is excited to talk about True Pricing! We know that the price that farmers receive (farmgate price) is an important part of “closing the gap” but how does that relate to the market price? The True Price of a product includes social and environmental costs beyond the costs accounted for in the market price. Andrea Rusman and Bart van Veen from True Price will share how the true price of an agrifood product is calculated and how the concept of a living income is included in those calculations. Beyond the True Price calculations, True Price and Impact Institute (True Price’s sister organisation) lead various streams of work to advocate and systemically bring together stakeholders to drive sustainable change. Researcher Yuca Waarts of Wageningen and Yves-Pascal Suter of ofi will also share their learnings from the True Price methodology and how it complements the living income concept and strategies to close the income gap. 


  • Kaitlin Sampson Murphy, Program Manager, Sustainable Food Lab

  • Carla Rodriguez, Coordinator Impacts and Innovations, ISEAL


  • Andrea Rusman, Food Transition Lead at Impact Institute
  • Bart van Veen, Senior Researcher at Impact Institute
  • Yuca Waarts, Senior Researcher at Wageningen University & Research
  • Yves-Pascal Suter, Sustainability Global Social Team Lead at ofi 

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