What is a sustainability standard? Video in Spanish.
Summary of the Business Benefits of Standards Report in Spanish
Webinar on how to establish strong credible standards in Spanish.
This animated video introduces the concept of FPIC and the insights gained from the workshops we conducted with Indigenous Peoples' leaders in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. Equitable Origin has conducted a 10 month research project to explore how voluntary sustainability standards can better verify and monitor Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) processes.
Você trabalha ou interage com normas de sustentabilidade e sistemas semelhantes? Ajude a moldar seu desempenho futuro dando-nos sua opinião sobre o Código de Boas Práticas revisado da ISEAL. Nosso Código de Boas Práticas servirá de referência internacional sobre como as normas de sustentabilidade e sistemas similares devem funcionar. Queremos garantir que o Código atenda às suas necessidades e continue sendo adequado para o futuro, permitindo que os sistemas de sustentabilidade ofereçam soluções eficazes para os desafios de sustentabilidade mais urgentes.
Trends in sustainability standards and sustainable production and consumption in Brazil.
An introduction to ISEAL in Portuguese
This Chinese language brochure describes the opportunities to utilise sustainability standards in the Belt and Road Initiative and as part of sustainable trade and investment. 
The latest version (version 2, published in December 2014) of the Impacts Code of Good Practice, for Assessing the Impacts of Social and Environmental Systems in Chinese.
The latest version (version 6, revised in December 2014) of the ISEAL Standard-Setting Code of Good Practice, for Setting Social and Environmental Standards in Chinese.
Travaillez-vous ou interagissez-vous avec des normes de durabilité et des systèmes similaires ? Aidez-nous à façonner leurs performances futures en nous donnant votre avis sur le code de bonne pratique révisé de l'ISEAL.