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Bonsucro and Responsible Jewellery Council engaged Business & Human Rights consultancy twentyfifty to conduct a research project into Grievance Mechanisms within Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS). The research investigated how grievance mechanisms have been set up and how grievances are managed and remediated within their memberships.
A brief guidance note for academics, consultants, students and others researching sustainability standards.
This guidance document provides guidance for sustainability systems looking to collect or improve the collection of polygon location data. It was developed with the support of experts and ISEAL members with advanced experience, and includes a variety of different options and technologies.
The COVID-19 pandemic severely impacted the ability of many sustainability systems to perform on-site audits. Many have had to implement new policies and adapt to new ways of working. In many ways, this forced many sustainability systems to rapidly innovate during the pandemic, by embracing novel technologies and piloting new approaches to assess sites remotely.  
This methodology aims to support national commodity associations and other relevant public bodies to aggregate producer-level data using the Delta indicators to assess and report on the sustainability performance of the commodity’s production at country level.
Guidelines, which have been prepared to serve as the basis for discussion on standardized procedures and protocols for the collection and management of certificate location data with the goal that these data will eventually become part of an ISEAL member Certification Atlas (CA).
International trade is often overlooked as a driver of global biodiversity loss and climate change. More than 80 industrial sectors in over 180 countries actively employ voluntary sustainability standards to protect biodiversity and food security. Global dialogue is needed to advance green commodity value chains, increase coordinated ecological practices, scale-up good practices and build consensus.
This blog outlines a set of key messages on due diligence and standards systems in the context of TFA letter to the European Commission.
How to become an ISEAL member - the pathway in practice