The role of impacts’ evidence for sustainability standards: ISEAL hosts global symposium in The Hague

On 18 June 2019, a large international symposium on the impact of sustainability standards takes place in The Hague. In which way do standards have a positive impact on economic, social and environmental issues? What is effective and what is not? Experts will engage the government, business community and civil society in a conversation on the lessons we can learn from existing sustainability initiatives and how can we incorporate these into concrete actions.

In recent years, a great deal of information has emerged about the manner in which sustainability standards can contribute to a fair and sustainable world. This information shows that quality standards are capable of effecting positive change; however, the impacts vary across contexts.

During the ‘Global Sustainability Standards Symposium’, experts and stakeholders will discuss how to improve the effectiveness of market-driven solutions. In his keynote speech, Arjen Boekhold of Tony's Chocolonely and Game Changer Unltd. will discuss the extent of sustainability issues and how to set priorities. Darrel Webber of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil will outline the current state of affairs and share his vision on the course we need to embark upon.

Other speakers include Laura Jungmann, sustainability manager at Albert Heijn, Andreas Kratz from Fairtade International and Sophie Persey from the Rainforest Alliance. During breakout sessions and discussions, they will share their experiences and expertise on the effects and effectiveness of quality standards on sustainability policy.

The ‘Global Sustainability Standards Symposium’ is supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The attending speakers represent global sustainability standards, governments, academia and the business community.

New website sharing impacts evidence and information
The symposium closes with the launch of a new website, Evidensia. This site contains credible research into the effects and impact of sustainability supply chain tools and approaches. As a key source of evidence and information, Evidensia aims to lead to more informed action and decisions based on credible evidence.

Global Sustainability Standards Symposium
The ‘Global Sustainability Standards Symposium’ will take place in Madurodam, The Hague, on 18 June. Participation is recommended to anyone from the business community, NGOs, governments and knowledge institutes that are involved in the development and implementation of sustainability policies or quality standards.