In 2019, ISEAL carried out a review of the Standard-Setting and Impacts Codes. Through the review, ISEAL gathered information regarding the usability of the Codes, their effectiveness in delivering against their objectives, as well as their scope and objectives. This document details the activities carried out as part of the review and the findings.
In 2019, ISEAL carried out a review of the Credibility Principles to determine if the Credibility Principles require revision. This document outlines the findings from the review, which determined that there is a need to revise the Credibility Principles.
Global sustainability challenges are complex problems and determining the best strategies to bring about lasting improvements in sustainability performance remains a core challenge for sustainability systems. Many are increasingly experimenting with a wide range of strategies to reach their sustainability goals. However, the effectiveness of these strategies is highly dependent on the context in which they are applied. 
Framework for improving sustainability impacts, draft 0.1 word doc for consultation feedback.
The framework can help sustainability standards and other sustainability initiatives navigate the types and intensity of collaboration and interoperability using the metals, minerals and mining sectors as examples.
A showcase of applied, data-driven solutions within the ISEAL Community
To tackle deforestation, the Peruvian government is promoting sustainable forest management by incentivising certification through reductions in yearly lease payments on concessions. Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification has rapidly grown to complement this government regulation, leading to positive impacts on the environment, community relations, and the rights of indigenous peoples.