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As the world grapples with pressing environmental and social challenges, the importance of sustainable practices has never been clearer. 

Sustainability systems are increasingly vital in helping to address some of the biggest sustainability issues we face in the world today. And, having a system that delivers robustness and effectiveness is pivotal to create meaningful impact. 

ISEAL’s revamped training course: Understanding sustainability systems

ISEAL is offering an annual programme of training courses designed to deepen participants’ understanding of the fundamentals of credible sustainability systems. 

Our upcoming online course, ‘Understanding Sustainability Systems’, will provide participants with a holistic view of the core components of sustainability systems, along with real-world examples of current trends and practical tools to improve their effectiveness. 

To deliver tangible results, sustainability systems must include a strong standard-setting approach, fit for purpose assurance mechanism and monitoring and evaluation practices that cover social, environmental and economic impact. This course covers these key components along with guidance on credible claims, and the interdependencies required for maximum effectiveness.

Equipping sustainability systems and businesses to improve

As part of our 2021-2024 strategy, we are equipping sustainability systems and organisations that aim to make their practices more sustainable, with the tools and knowledge to create real change. 

With our training courses we hope to inspire those working within and developing sustainability systems to deepen their impact, through innovative methods and robust structures. 

Previous participants described this course as providing “a holistic approach towards [developing a] sustainability certification scheme” and added that the course trainers delivered ”excellent mentorship”.

"Over the last decade, ISEAL's training courses have supported hundreds of sustainability leaders to develop, improve and work with sustainability standards and similar systems,” said previous ISEAL course trainer, Joshua Wickerham. “Our updated ‘Understanding Sustainability Systems’ course distils this wisdom for online participants, while giving them the knowledge to work with the latest tools that drive the biggest impacts."

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