Become a member

ISEAL members include many of the world’s most respected standard-setting organisations and accreditation bodies. They drive the sustainability standards movement forwards across various sectors, improving its effectiveness and increasing its impacts.

Benefits of ISEAL membership

In sharing a common goal of collaboration and innovation, our members benefit from being part of our international community of sustainability standards focussed on driving change and creating greater sustainability impacts. Furthermore, our members benefit from:

  • Access to ISEAL Innovations Fund and collaboration with other members on projects
  • Credibility and improvement to systems and procedures derived from the ISEAL Code compliance programme
  • Policy and outreach to users of sustainability standards on behalf of members
  • Discounts to ISEAL workshops and conferences
  • Discounts to tailored services and training
  • Access to a wealth of resources and guidance
  • Participation in Code based webinars as part of our communities of practice in  Assurance, Standard Setting and Impacts
  • In person meetings and networking with other members at our annual community day
  • Access to other topic based working groups on topics from Data through to Living Wage
  • Mailing lists with latest innovations and updates