Become an ISEAL Community Member

Joining ISEAL’s learning community helps sustainability systems become more effective at achieving positive impacts. We offer three options for membership:

ISEAL Community Member

All ISEAL members belong to this category and are committed to improving their systems, building trust and demonstrating transparency. 

Community Members test and explore new ideas, network, share experience and collaborate to pioneer better sustainability solutions. They develop new ideas through peer learning, and benefit from access to expertise, advice and training.

ISEAL Community Members benefit from:

  • collective action through working groups on topics ranging from better use of data through to living wage
  • access to a wealth resources and guidance, including the communities of practice that support systems in implementing the ISEAL Codes of Good Practice
  • access to ISEAL Insight as well as strategic intelligence on trends, opportunities and policy developments 
  • discounts on our workshops and conferences
  • discounts on tailored services and training
  • admission to our annual Members’ Week
  • periodic system improvement reviews 

ISEAL Community Members also have the opportunity to participate in ISEAL’s compliance programme; however, they are not required to do so.  

ISEAL Code Compliant

Community Members who demonstrate adherence to our Codes of Good Practice through independent evaluation are recognised as ISEAL Code Compliant. 

Community Members who are ISEAL Code Compliant benefit from:

  • a rigorous approach to improving their systems through independent evaluation to all ISEAL Codes
  • exclusive use of the ISEAL Code Compliant logo and related claims
  • all the benefits of being an ISEAL Community Member.

ISEAL Accreditation Member

Accreditation bodies that join ISEAL meet the relevant requirements for Community Members and are independently evaluated against ISO/IEC 17011:2017.

To learn more about our new membership structure, please contact