ISEAL Codes of Good Practice

ISEAL Codes of Good Practice

Collection of ISEAL's Codes of Good Practice -- Standard Setting, Assurance, and Impacts Codes -- and related interpretation

The latest version (version 6, revised in December 2014) of the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Setting Social and Environmental Standards.

The latest version (version 2, approved in December 2014) of the Code of Good Practice for Assessing the Impacts of Social and Environmental Standards Systems (ISEAL Impacts Code).

The latest version (version 2.0 , published in February 2018) of the Assurance Code is to provide a framework for credible assurance that is delivered consistently by sustainability standards systems, so as to improve the effectiveness of their assurance models in contributing to their intended sustainability impacts.

This interpretation seeks to clarify the basis on which a standard-setting organisation can recognise an existing standard as partially or fully equivalent, during the standardsetting or revision process.

This document provides support in the interpretation of clause 5.1.2 of the ISEAL Assurance Code.