Research is key to help sustainability systems understand their impact and improve. Measuring, understanding and sharing the impact of sustainability systems is a priority for ISEAL.

By reviewing existing evidence, we can identify where more research is needed on the role, contribution and effectiveness of sustainability systems. These insights inform our work and help define and agree priority research questions.

ISEAL has partnered with WWF and Rainforest Alliance to launch Evidensia, an open portal that shares credible evidence on the impacts of sustainability systems. Evidensia is a growing partnership of organisations committed to using research and evidence to inform policy and practice. The Evidensia platform is independently governed with a Research Council that approves it approach and methodology. 

In addition to partnering through Evidensia, ISEAL conducts research on various cross-cutting themes to address evidence gaps and respond to the growing interest on the impacts of sustainability systems. We’re always looking to foster active dialogue and collaboration between sustainability systems and the research community.


We collaborate with researchers and offer a wealth of tools and resources for anyone active in the field. 

If you’re a researcher working in the field of sustainability systems, you can:

  • explore research on Evidensia, the largest online library for credible evidence on the impacts of market sustainability systems, including ISEAL members
  • explore Evidensia’s ‘Knowledge Matrix’ to understand the available evidence and knowledge gaps in this field
  • join the 'Evidensia News' list for updates on the latest reports and studies, and to find out about events and calls for papers
  • participate in ISEAL webinars and Evidensia learning events that share insights from new research across topics

To find out more about our work with researchers, including opportunities to present your research at one of our webinars, please contact