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How sustainability standards can learn from interoperability in the metals, minerals and mining sectors
This ISEAL-led project was completed in 2018 and involved an executive summary, a summary report and a webinar on the topic of cross-sector learning on interoperability from the metals, minerals and mining sector.
Research webinars
ISEAL Member Public System Reports
ISEAL members produce and annually update a public system report for each of the ISEAL Codes. The main goal of these reports is to provide a simplified overview of an organisation’s standard-setting, assurance and monitoring and evaluation systems. These are the most recent reports published by each of our standard-setting members. We only publish public system reports after a member has completed an external evaluation (peer review or independent evaluation). Thereafter, each subsequent yearly updated report remains public. Reports for members who are yet to undergo external evaluation are accessible to ISEAL members only. Public system reports do not indicate that a member is in or out of compliance with our Codes of Good Practice, instead they provide information about the standard-setting, monitoring and evaluation, or assurance practices of each our members.
Research webinar 5: How to improve the effectiveness of sustainability certification standards
This webinar, as part of the Research Webinar Series, presents research on how sustainability certification schemes can help deliver positive outcomes in the mining and minerals sector. Sustainability certification schemes and standards are one key means for civil society actors to hold mineral companies and governments to account and for companies and governments to demonstrate that they are operating responsibly. This webinar shares research exploring the potential role these initiatives can play to effectively deliver positive outcomes and foster local development.