Bold ambitions for climate action

Sustainability systems are paving the way with climate-relevant production standards. Many in the ISEAL community are stepping up their climate action with bold ambitions and innovative tools to support businesses, governments and civil society to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

The climate emergency is upon us. Urgent action is needed if we are to meet the 2030 global net zero target and go beyond that. The UN Climate Change Conference – COP26 – is underway, bringing with it a sense of urgency to address the climate emergency. Now is the time to act: to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect and restore natural ecosystems and strengthen climate resilience.

How can we ensure that each part of a global supply chain is climate-proof in the future? How can we build the climate resilience of small-scale producers? How can we credibly track and report on Scope 3 emissions? We need solutions that tackle climate problems at scale and across the entire supply chain to support both mitigation goals and adaptation needs. 

Climate ambitions of ISEAL member sustainability systems 

Trustworthy and globally accepted sustainability systems can make a significant difference and be part of the climate change solution. ISEAL members have committed to a range of climate actions. From using innovative approaches to monitor and verify greenhouse gas emissions, to building the capacity of smallholders in climate-smart agriculture, and working directly with local producers to strengthen their resilience against the future impacts of climate change. 

Mitigating actions and ambitions

The diverse range of ISEAL members’ ambitions is testament to how sustainability systems are stepping up to help address the climate emergency. Their actions are contributing towards a sustainable and resilient future. For example, some have committed to working with their partners to achieve net zero carbon emissions in 2050 by translating the Paris Agreement into ambitious, yet realistic climate goals and emissions reductions targets for certified businesses to work towards.

Others have committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by improving the environmental impact of their partner's production processes, by collectively defining science-based targets for production that align with the Paris Agreement. 

Nature-based solutions

ISEAL members are also committing to climate adaptation actions, such as nature-based solutions and building the climate resilience of smallholders and producers. Nature-based solutions are becoming an innovative approach to mitigate and adapt to climate change by placing the protection and restoration of forests and natural ecosystems at the centre of climate efforts.

Some ISEAL members have ambitions to build global agricultural systems that deliver climate-positive action, by promoting integrated and regenerative agriculture and nature-based solutions. While others have set ambitions to build resilient forests by promoting incentives to certificate holders on carbon sequestration.

Building resilience and supporting adaptation

We are seeing bold ambitions to work closely with producers and smallholders to climate-proof agriculture in the long-term. In this area, ISEAL members are committing to building the capacity of farmers on climate-smart agriculture, as well as supporting farmers to understand the impacts of climate change and how to adapt. Other members have committed to ensuring the decent and sustainable livelihoods of farmers and workers by working with producer organisations to develop and implement programmes for sustainable farming and climate resilience

Empowering action to climate change

The next decade is critical to addressing the climate emergency and protecting resources for future generations. As world leaders negotiate climate targets and business leaders set net zero goals, we need scalable on-the-ground solutions that supports climate action. The key is to act credibly and measurably. With diverse strategies, bold ambitions and credible practices, sustainability systems within the ISEAL community are positioning themselves as trustworthy partners to support private and public sector climate action. 

ISEAL is committed to supporting its members to meet their climate ambitions and go beyond in helping to build a climate-resilient world. The reach and scale of systems within the ISEAL community presents a clear opportunity for individual and collective action and impactful collaborations. 

We look forward to working with our members and partners and seeing how these emerging climate actions and approaches can create new avenues and opportunities to scale impact and drive change.