Implementing effective sustainability due diligence and reporting in global value chains

Join sustainability change makers for a one-day event that pushes the bar with practical solutions to ensure that new due diligence and reporting regulations spread benefits to people and the planet.

With new policies coming into force, corporate due diligence for social and environmental issues is high on the agenda for many supply chain actors. Globally, these new expectations are reshaping supply chain behaviour and sourcing for potentially decades to come. 

As companies grapple with how to implement these new requirements, our actions, tools and partnerships can have significant impacts on sustainability issues such as climate and livelihoods.

Sustainability standards and similar systems are well placed to support corporate sustainability due diligence. From using data to understand risks and impacts, to detecting and preventing social or environmental issues, sustainability systems have broad roles to play.

Are you interested to learn and share how successful collaborations between companies, sustainability systems and other partners are reducing sustainability risks and delivering impact? Or find out how to navigate new sustainability regulations or mitigate potential unintended consequences? 

Join the ISEAL Global Sustainability Symposium to build on your sustainability achievements and understand the implications of new due diligence regulations and reporting requirements, which are embedding sustainability into business as usual. 

Learn how sustainability systems, businesses and policy makers are leveraging these new sustainability requirements to do better—and how these tools work together to ensure that sustainability actions and benefits are shared across value chains.

ISEAL is the global expert on good practice for sustainability systems. It brings together stakeholders with regulatory and market approaches to help deliver sustainability impacts. 

The symposium will explore how sustainability systems can support companies in their due diligence and reporting implementation, by providing high-quality risk assessments, equitable data solutions, linking to reporting requirements and offering approaches that support inclusive sourcing practices.  

In the crowded world of new sustainability requirements, understand the key risks and challenges, and learn about the direction of travel for key due diligence and reporting requirements like the EU (European Union) Deforestation Regulation, Green Claims Directive, and much more. 

Join us for a day of solutions-oriented dialogues in a friendly and supportive atmosphere where credible practices underpin sustainability action. 

We look forward to seeing you in Switzerland. Space is limited. Register today. 

Download the Symposium 2024 agenda: