ISEAL to enter 2021 with a new four-year strategy

ISEAL will adopt a new four-year strategy from 2021. The strategy is designed to provide a clear path for us to deliver on our vision of creating a world where markets are a force for good. 

This new strategy positions us as we strive to be part of the collective effort to tackle the most pressing sustainability challenges – from climate emergency and biodiversity crisis to human rights and persistent poverty.

Improving the impact of ambitious sustainability systems and their partners

Our mission is to accelerate positive change by improving the impacts of ambitious sustainability systems and their partners. Successful implementation of our new strategic priorities will help us deliver against this as well as achieve the two long-term objectives of this four-year plan:

  • We want credible systems, claims and communications to sit at the heart of market-based sustainability solutions.
  • We want sustainability systems and their partners to deliver scalable solutions to global sustainability challenges.

The new strategy complements our recently launched membership structure, which allows us to better support continued improvement, learning and collaboration among a wider range of sustainability systems. 

Building on our strengths

By implementing the new strategy, we will be emphasising our support of credible sustainability systems to deliver meaningful impact on critical sustainability issues: building on the increased attention to sustainability commitments powered by the sustainable development goals.

Guided by this four-year plan, we will build on the strengths of ISEAL to deliver outcomes that are relevant and future-focused for our members and stakeholders – and, ultimately, towards achieving our vision.

Look for more details in future Bulletins.