OEKO-TEX® joins as an ISEAL Community Member

ISEAL is delighted to announce that OEKO-TEX® has recently been approved as an ISEAL Community Member. As one of the first two eco-label systems to join ISEAL we are excited to be able to bring their knowledge and experience to the community.

With more than 30 years of experience, OEKO-TEX® works globally to enable consumers and businesses in the textile and leather industry to protect our planet by acting responsibly. The association, consisting of independent research institutes, offers standardised solutions that enable companies to optimise their manufacturing processes and help bring high-quality, sustainable products to market. All services in the OEKO-TEX® portfolio serve to strengthen the systems, processes and products of customers and - ultimately - to create more sustainable companies.

Further to the approval from the ISEAL Board on the 1 December 2022, ISEAL’s Executive Director, Karin Kreider, commented, “I’m very happy to congratulate OEKO-TEX® on becoming an ISEAL Community Member. Their standards focus on the reduction of harmful inputs and processes in leather and textile manufacturing. We are excited to have a fresh perspective in the ISEAL learning community, and to have a growing and significant group of members involved in the textile sector.”

“We are proud of this achievement and looking for even more,” says Mr. Georg Dieners, General Secretary of OEKO-TEX®. “We strive to constantly improve our products and systems through collaborations and stakeholder engagement. We are looking forward to the next steps in our joint journey.”

ISEAL membership

ISEAL members are sustainability systems and accreditation bodies dedicated to delivering benefits for people and planet. They are committed to continually improving their systems and impacts through learning and innovation; collaborating with stakeholders and peers; and are transparent and truthful about how their systems work and how they measure their impacts.

In becoming an ISEAL Community Member, OEKO-TEX® joins a growing number of well-respected sustainability systems that are driving positive social and environmental change across multiple sectors. OEKO-TEX® will be working alongside these mission-driven sustainability organisations to continuously improve the effectiveness of their systems and demonstrate impact.

We encourage any organisation developing or operating a sustainability system with a multi-stakeholder approach and a commitment to credible practices to consider joining ISEAL