The Sustainable Biomass Program becomes an ISEAL Community Member

ISEAL is very pleased to welcome the Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) as an ISEAL Community Member. We look forward to them participating in our community, and to working with them more closely in the coming months and years.

ISEAL members are sustainability systems and accreditation bodies dedicated to delivering benefits for people and planet. They are committed to continually improving their systems and impacts through learning and innovation; collaborating with stakeholders and peers; and are transparent and truthful about how their systems work and how they measure their impacts.

Carsten Huljus, SBP Chief Executive Officer, commented, “We are delighted to have been accepted as an ISEAL Community Member. In aspiring to introduce best practice across our operations we have been greatly influenced by ISEAL’s credibility principles and codes. We are committed to continual improvement of all that we do to ensure we deliver an effective and efficient certification system that is accessible to our users and understood by our stakeholders”.

In becoming an ISEAL Community Member, SBP joins a growing number of well-respected sustainability systems that are driving positive social and environmental change across multiple sectors. SBP will be working alongside these mission-driven sustainability organisations to continuously improve the effectiveness of their systems and demonstrate impact.

Further to the recommendation from the ISEAL Membership Committee, and ISEAL Board approval, ISEAL’s Executive Director Karin Kreider said, “I would like to congratulate the Sustainable Biomass Program on becoming an ISEAL Community Member. This exciting step reflects SBP’s commitment to ongoing improvement and deepening their credible practices as they work to make a net positive contribution to national and international climate goals.”

ISEAL encourages any organisation developing or operating a sustainability system with a multi-stakeholder approach and a commitment to credible practices to consider joining ISEAL. 

Find out more on our membership page.

About SBP

The Sustainable Biomass Program (SBP) is a certification system designed for woody biomass, mostly in the form of wood pellets and woodchips, used in industrial, large-scale energy production.

SBP has developed a certification system to provide assurance that woody biomass is sourced from legal and sustainable sources allowing companies in the biomass sector to demonstrate compliance with Standards that, as a minimum, align with regulatory requirements. Our certification system is designed as a clear statement of principles, standards, and processes necessary to demonstrate such compliance.

We seek to avoid duplication and to be consistent with other standards that have overlapping scopes, while not limiting innovation and improvement.