Webinar series: explore the implications of the new ISEAL Credibility Principles

Join ISEAL and Evidensia in a webinar series where we explore ISEAL’s newly revised Credibility Principles.

The ISEAL Credibility Principles define the core values of credible and effective sustainability systems, providing the foundations for sustainability systems to deliver greater impact. 

Since their first publication in 2013, the principles have become an international reference for good practice. In June 2021, ISEAL published version 2 of the principles following extensive consultation

The revised principles include important changes that capture evolving stakeholder expectations. These changes include extending the scope of the principles so that they apply beyond standards and address what credibility means for a wider range of market-based initiatives that we refer to collectively as sustainability systems.

The principles help guide businesses, governments, and civil society to identify systems that can be effective partners in delivering against shared sustainability objectives. They can also support the design of research that evaluates a wide range of market-based sustainability approaches.

In September and October, we will be co-hosting a webinar series with Evidensia to take a deep dive into how and why the new Credibility Principles are important. Join researchers, practitioners and other experts to explore the content and implications of the principles. In this series, we will:

  • learn how the principles can inform the development of sustainability systems that engage stakeholders, collaborate, and create value
  • explore how the principles set expectations around how sustainability systems can drive sustainability impacts, measure progress, and continually improve
  • understand what the principles say about the importance of impartiality, reliability, truthfulness, and transparency


Credibility Principles v2 webinar: Collaboration, Value creation, Stakeholder engagement and Transparency

29 September 2021, 8:00 EST, 13:00 UK, 14:00 CET, 17:30 India, 20:00 China

From producers to consumers, individual production sites to entire jurisdictions, what expectations do the Credibility Principles set for sustainability systems around engaging with stakeholders, creating value for users, and collaborating with others to drive change? Join experts and practitioners from industry, advocacy organisations, research institutes and sustainability systems to learn about what implementing the Credibility Principles might look like in practice. 

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Credibility Principles v2 webinar: Sustainability impacts, Measurable progress, Continual improvement and Transparency

7 October 2021, 9:00 EST, 14:00 UK, 15:00 CET, 18:30 India, 21:00 China

Credible sustainability systems drive sustainability impacts, measure progress, and learn from their activities to continually improve their strategies and their results. These aspects of ISEAL’s newly revised Credibility Principles speak to changing expectations and ambitions when it comes to the impacts of sustainability systems, as well as the influence of new technologies and approaches (such as data-driven assurance and emerging monitoring and evaluation methodologies). Hear practitioners and subject experts reflect on how these topics are embedded in the ISEAL Credibility Principles and the real-world implications for sustainability systems implementing the principles. 

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Credibility Principles v2 webinar: Impartiality, Reliability, Truthfulness and Transparency

13 October 2021, 11:00 UK, 12:00 CET, 15:30 India, 18:00 China

Credible sustainability systems are transparent, impartial, reliable, and truthful. This is a tall order that is easier said than done. Yet these are crucial foundations as outlined in the newly revised ISEAL Credibility Principles. In this webinar, we will explore how these principles relate to a range of market-based approaches and what this means for what credible sustainability claims look like. 

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